We are an auto finance company and are looking for new collection and accounts receiveable software. Does anyone have anys software vendor suggestons? We need it to do both the accounting (tracking principle,interest, late fees) and the collection (workflow, make promises, send to 3rd party for collection).

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Drop us a line 1-800-661-6722 ask for Rob. Check out my profile for more information.

Please let me know more information about your requirements.
I will help setup a demo with Genesis Collect, a debt collection and receivables management software.

Please do send an email at kpietersen@amvensys.com.

Also, for more info, login to www.genesiscollect.com

Linda, There is another option. (I do like Shawn's suggestion - I have talked to Shawn and he is a very objective person). RFP's can take a long time. Get some recommendations from other users or objective consultants, and see if you can find a vendor who will give you a guarantee that they will make their product work for you in a very short time! As a result of expectations not being met, users not understanding technology, problems associated with eagerness to sell etc. our company will allow you to get into our system with little or no risk. [shameless plug alert] - Sorry Shawn to use steal your phrase. No one has ever returned our software! If you want to learn about us, please visit www.quantrax.com. We have worked with auto finance companies. We also have the only intelligent software for collections. Talking to someone like Shawn is a great idea too.
Linda, we would be more than happy to walk you through an online presentation.

CDS Software


Jeff Hieber
Sr. Sales Engineer.
Most of what is available is either very mature on very old platforms written in outdated languages or very new and sometimes a rough ride but, on more current platforms using modern languages and data bases. Many of the software vendors have ASP products available, it may make sense to try before you buy.
I could not agree more. This is just what I am finding.
We have a state of art technology software specially for Collections and Accounts .Please send me an email mentioning your requirements and budget so i can quote the best options for you .With our software you can reconcile all of your data ,categorize you files by amount ,time ,and payment .
You can reach me at amir.mehboob@infospaninc.com
I am the NAM at ICEware Corp, a company that offers collection software, hosted collection services and hosted IT support. ICEware is based on Zero-Footprint Technology, meaning there is no need for in-house servers or other hardware. It is browser-based as well; thus uses only limited resources and works in an “on demand” environment. Also, ICEware Corp. acts as an outsourced IT department for clients; quickly and efficiently handling unlimited updates, reporting, customization and training at no additional cost, and eliminating the need for an in-house IT department. We offer an exchange model that makes it possible for a company or individual to manage multiple remote offices anywhere in the world from a centralized location. As an added note, ICEware can be integrated with any third party vendor including dialers, letter vendors, skip tracers and credit bureaus at no additional cost. The purpose of ICEware is to automate a company’s processes and allow it to run the way management sees fit; our solutions are customizable to work with any sized business and to allow collectors to work any kind of paper. Please feel free to contact me at z.martin@icewarecorp.com or 1-866-927-0806, ext 208.

299.99 and you own it. the software also have built in skip tracing tools & phone system.

no software can top it. contact us for free trial of the software.
Hi I was just reading your article and ICEware can do all of the for you.
They can be reached at 866-927-0806

this is very very good software.
Hi Linda,

There are a number of posts on this very subject available on this site. There are also many vendors here, who like myself will be responding to your question.

Take a look at all your options, as there are many. Ask questions of any your interested in. Whomever you choose you will probably have a business relationship with them for anywhere from 7 to 10 years on average.




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