Hello.  Just joined this group.  Looking to obtain asssitance in finding dead beats that I have judgements against via my Real Estate Investment company.  These are all tenant related.  I will need assitance in finding them, their POE, assets, bank accounts, etc.  I am incorporated in Missouri with most of these deadbeats in MO but some have moved out of state.  Also will need assitance when finding if out of the state to get served with another suit as they owe me additional months on the contract besides the judgement.  I look forward to hearing from any one who can help in any or all of these areas.  What I do have on all these people are SS#, driver's license, dob, old phone, etc.




Mel Milne


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Respectfully, a good start--in terms of industry best practices and compliance--would be to consider referring to consumers in terms other than "deadbeat," particularly on a website with public visibility.

Just my two cents.


Michael Klozotsky, managing editor

If you have anybody that has skipped to Southern California please let me know.

I can collect judgments!


If you have not found any one yet or are not happy with who you have found, let me know.  Our email address is missinglocated@yahoo.com or visit http://www.missinglocated.com.

Beat Regards,



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