I responded to an ad here for a skiptracer. He sent me 100 accounts. I set up a PayPal account for my payment. I worked accounts where I spent approx 6 1/2 hrs finding last known poe's and neighbors. There was never a % guarentee of accuracy as thats the nature of the business. I did the best I could with the info provided from my sources. To date I have NOT been paid. He has dodged my emails and texts. I am unable to call him as he has an outsourcing business in Pakistan. He has called me 2X and I have spoken with him directly. I no longer see him in online chat where we use to communicate daily. I feel noone should do any business with Mr Abid Raza as he is not a man of his word or integrity. Anyone out there in the US have any ideas with regards to this matter?

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I will not use this forum to bash Mr Raza    I wanted people to know that its best NOT to deal with people overseas After my experience.       EQUOS  is a company I wont do business with or send any referrals.  I have done collections about 1/2 of my life.  My time is worth something.  Anyone want references, I have several.  Thanks for your time

Two things:

1) I can't imagine a scenario in which I would send accounts, do business with, or send account data to anyone in India. It is quickly becoming a large version of Nigeria. Use common sense. If you want your debtors identities stolen or want a repeat of the Cashnet PDL scam to happen to your portfolios do business with India.... otherwise stay far far away.

2) If you can't produce results your time is worth nothing. Unless you are sitting in somebody's shop on an hourly base you aren't going to be paid by anybody I know except on a per-hit basis. And if you were sitting in my shop and worked a week or two with no results you would be paid for your time, but it would be the end of your job anyway.

Lesson learned    Thanks so much for your input.


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