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What has been your experience in terms of skip tracing responsibility for tiny agencies (i.e. < 5 collectors)... does this fall under the individual collector or do you try and get an office manager or part timer to do the locating? What's the best practice here?


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Rick ~

If the individual collector has the time, based on workloads, I believe he or she would be the best person to skip trace the very account they are attempting to collect, as I believe they will cover more angles because they are they will be impacted the most, along with the agency, on what they are able to collect or not collect.


If the collector has a workload which leaves little if any available time to skip trace, and if asking them to do so would reduce the overall touch ratios, then I would recommend you contract a part-time person, or freelancer to do the skip tracing work and monitor the process and delivery very carefully. 

Hope the input helps.



thank you Tom, I appreciate it


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