I am looking for a testing package for FDCPA Compliance Testing.  Does anyone have any recommendations?


Acceptible solutions would either be windows based or web based.  Canned, Open Source or Canned with Source Code options are acceptible.


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Mr. Underwood --- feel free to call me for more details and a free test. Interactive Data has recently entered into a partnership with FDCPA Case Listing Services to offer a batch processing solution. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Hart
Interactive Data, LLC
678.584.5252 Ext. 206
I would be interested in learning more about your FDCPA compliance testing, I think it is something my association members would be interested in. I didn't realize there was a software that could do this for agencies.

Try Belmont Adjustment Services. These guys are dialed in to all kinds of compliance areas including Red Flag. They are very knowledgeable on FDCPA compliance, etc. The owner is Randy Forschner, he is a great guy to deal with.
Here is Belmont Adjustment Services web address: https://www.belmontadjustments.com/

Did you ever find out where you can get FDCPA Compliance Testing. I am looking for this as well and would be interested in getting more information.


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