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Columbia Ultimate Upgrades Its Analytics Solution, UltimateAnalytics 2.0

VANCOUVER, Wash.—July 23, 2014—Columbia Ultimate, innovators of technology and integrated solutions for the collections industry, announced today the upgrade of its business intelligence solution, UltimateAnalytics 2.0.

UltimateAnalytics is a collections…


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In Search of Innovation

Whatever happened to debtor's prisons?

Those were the days, weren't they?

I mean, as far as debt collection goes, it doesn't get any better than being able to put someone in jail if they couldn't pay a debt. I wonder if you could only put people in prison between the hours of 8 am and 9…


Added by Mike Gibb on April 12, 2012 at 8:00am — 6 Comments

ACA's Angle: The Times Keep Changing

By: Valerie Hayes, ACA General Counsel and Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs

A few weeks ago, the Federal Trade Commission hosted an important workshop to examine the impacts of new…


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FTC to Explore Collection Technology Issues in April Workshop

*Support from Regal Technologies*

The Federal Trade Commission has announced it will host a public workshop to “examine how debt collectors are using new technologies and how this affects consumers.”

This includes addressing how collectors are using mobile telephones, e-mail, social media, information gathering tools, software…

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ACA's Angle: Debt Collectors Need to Balance Risk and Reward When Using Technology

By: Valerie Hayes, ACA General Counsel and Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs

It’s no secret that we live in a technology-laden world. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, nearly 75% of all American adults (ages 18 and older) use the internet and more than 150… Continue

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Three CollectOne Debt Collection Solutions Named To Top 25 Collection Technology Products List

Leading debt collection solution provider CDS Software announced today that its CollectOne debt collection software, CollectOne Dialer and CollectOne Web Portal have been recognized by Collection Advisor as Top 25 Collection Technology Products for 2010. CDS Software led all honorees with 3 of its products being recognized as Top 25 Technology Products for 2010.


“We’re very appreciative of Collection Advisor for this recognition. We share this recognition with our clients,…


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If Time Is Money, Then Efficiency Is Profit.

As we navigate the most impactful economic downturn the ARM industry has experienced, it’s important that efficiency be the ultimate litmus test for operational decisions. Efficiency focused agencies realize increased productivity and greater profits.


Developing an efficiency focused culture requires a top down approach. Upper management needs to set the tone by developing an efficiency based methodology, clearly communicate the focus, and incent employees to participate in…


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ACA's Angle: New Truth in Caller ID Act Brings Important Changes for Companies that Call Consumers

By: Valerie Hayes, ACA International General Counsel and Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs

With a stroke of his pen before Christmas, President Obama signed into law new consumer protection by putting… Continue

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Unscripted: Post Crisis, Deeper Automated Conversations Are Key

Leave it to a good economic crisis to require stronger communication skills of banks.

With less revenue generated from credit and debit cards at financial institutions nationwide, one question now is how do industry players maintain the same level of customer service today as in better boom days and even enhance their interaction style? According to one automated communication provider, the answer lies with deploying more sophisticated communication technology. Translation: the…


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ACA’s Angle: Use of New Technology Provides Debt Collectors Both Opportunity and Risk

By: Valerie Hayes, ACA International General Counsel and Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs

Editor's Note: This marks the first column of our new regular contributor, ACA International. ACA's Angle is a regular monthly section of The Source that will explore the use of technology in ARM from a regulatory and legal standpoint.…


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Decca Software Touts New Update Debtor Data Tool

*Support from Regal Technologies*

Even amid the snowball of December holidays, vendors are announcing new products.

Take Decca Software Company. Today, the collection software vendor alerted a number of members that it has released Collections MAX Update Utility. Essentially, the technology helps users keep their debtor information data… Continue

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File-A-Debt-Complaint: There’s an App for That

*Support from Regal Technologies*

As technology advances, so too does the ways in which consumers can challenge the ARM industry.

In what reads like a 1-800-Call-Sam commercial, a blog post authored yesterday gave a shout out to an app's capability to help consumers file debt… Continue

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Survey Says: Despite Tech Advances, Retail Bankers Rely On Older Communication Channels

*Support from Regal Technologies*

The times might be a-changin', but that doesn’t mean retail banking industry players’ communication strategies are.

Indeed, one in three companies don’t communicate with their customers through their mobile devices, found the 2010 Retail Banking Study, commissioned by outbound communications provider Varolii Corp. The study surveyed more than 450… Continue

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Staff Roles: Matchmaking Gone Right?

*Support from Regal Technologies*

If only hiring people could be like American Idol: The worst get weeded out pretty quickly, and the better contenders compete around the same time, so the judges can hear who are the most talented.

Instead, for companies across the country, sourcing top talent -- and keeping them -- remains less clear. Certainly, HR concerns take prime real estate in the minds of credit and collection professionals. One particular…

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Unscripted: SoundBite Talks Communication Strategies

*Support from Regal Technologies*

On the heels of its summer predictive dialer feature roll out, sat down with proactive communication provider SoundBite Communications Inc. to find out about this technology launch's goal as well as discuss broad communication technology… Continue

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Navigating ACA Expo's Labyrinth: 7 Collection Technology Tools to Hit Soon (Part 2)

Merlin Information Services

Product: Bankruptcy Batch

Why risk it when there’s technology to caution you from a misstep?

Data provider Merlin Information Services, for one, has launched a number of risk prevention initiatives, one of which centers on bankruptcies. Indeed, Bankruptcy Batch, a component of its risk mitigation services, informs users when a debtor’s bankruptcy details have changed, as well as scrubs new…

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Navigating ACA Expo's Labyrinth: 7 Collection Technology Tools to Hit Soon

Tracking technology rollouts is much like chasing dandelion seeds during a windstorm: Overwhelming at best.

So to stay current on products launching at ACA International’s 71st Annual Convention & Expo held this week, The Source reached out to exhibiting vendors. Below, in alphabetical order, is a preview of what some technology vendors have, or soon will be,… Continue

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Roundup of New Skiptrace Technology Updates

*Support from Regal Technologies*

In the last couple of weeks, there’s been some skiptracing announcement action from a myriad of providers. Here’s the rundown of the latest and greatest enhancements from three different vendors:

MicroBilt enhances “People Search”…


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Proactive Communications Fight Off Delinquencies: Posted by Mary Wisniewski

Proactive Communications Fight Off Delinquencies Posted by Mary Wisniewski on July 1, 2009

As delinquents are more and more reluctant to answer the phone for calls about money owed, creditors need to step up their collection game.

Varolii Corp., for one, recommends proactive communication to mitigate this loss. (Varolii offers such technology that assists users to personalize communication with their customers, based on previous interactions.) I spoke with Brian… Continue

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Tech Suppliers Teach Stimulus Package 101

Are technology giants helping customers land stimulus grants?

The Wall Street Journal reports they are.

“With the recession forcing corporations and institutions to cancel projects, technology suppliers are eyeing the economic-stimulus package as an elixir to keep revenue flowing,” writes Ben Worthen for the Journal.

This means educating their clients about how they can tap into stimulus money.

Read the article… Continue

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