Does the squeaky wheel get the attention?

In collections work, it certainly does!

If you invoice someone, and send out monthly statements, the payment should come in when the bill is due.

But, if not, you continue sending out monthly statements and, occasionally, send an invoice and hope for a payment.

With some of your customers this is all you need to do. But the rest of your customers may need a little more nudging.

At AK Collections, some clients send me their AR via e-mail. Others set me up to get into their computer system.

What works?

  • Being persistent with phone calls and e-mails.
  • Giving a reasonable amount of time for the customer to respond between contacts.
  • And becoming the squeaky wheel! This gets my clients paid faster than merely being patient and hoping for a payment.

The secret of successful collecting is this: My clients’ customers know me. They know that I will be calling them for their past-due bills.

When I call, I represent my client. The call is professional—no bullying or threatening. My main objective is to get a commitment for payment.

Do you need help collecting your AR? Call AK Collections. I can be your “squeaky wheel,” so you don’t have to

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