Facebook will soon be offering voice chat, compliments of Vivox, a company that already delivers voice chat to over eleven million users in 182 countries for various games.

Daniel Terdiman, a blogger at CNET News, reports that this tool will let Facebook users chat it up with their friends list, once they’ve downloaded a plug-in. But, that's not where the conversation ends.

Perhaps more importantly, according to Vivox co-founder Monty Sharma, the company is making its technology available to any third-party Facebook application developer, meaning that almost any app, from games to utilities, can have a voice component,” writes Terdiman.

Others have tried to enter this voice market for Facebook, like Equals' Party Line. But, nothing so far has truly taken off in the way of mass appeal.

For collectors, this tool is interesting for two reasons. It adds quite a new dynamic for those collectors who tap into Facebook accounts to find their debtors, for one. (This issue of utilizing social media to contact debtors is usually in the hot seat. Read about it here.) For two, if a technology company can get people chatting about their products with the help of third-party apps, the potential is great for marketing.

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Comment by Catherine Sherwood on September 16, 2009 at 6:55pm
Mary: I think that using Facebook to communicate with debtors will ultimately be blocked by Facebook. They want to make room for companies on Facebook to make soe revenue, but not at the cost of violating their trust with their members. However, Facebook, and multiple social media and web 2.0 techniques can be used to help agencies / debt buyers get and keep clients. American Profit Recovery is a great example of this. As a marketing and social media consultant (who helped create online collections technology) I am biased in this direction, but the basic tenets of social media hold true in B2B relationships.


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